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Club Magazine: Vintage & Classic

The Club’s own magazine. Published quarterly in an A4 format on gloss paper.

The Club’s magazine underwent a re-vamp at the end of 2003. The magazine Vintage And Classic replaced a black and white A5 sized quarterly newsletter and the original yearly colour A4 magazine Vintage News.  The decision was not an easy one but it was still one that had to be made.

Due to the escalating costs of producing both the newsletter and a colour magazine it was felt that a high quality single publication would provide a better more cost effective way to communicate. The launch of the new magazine produced favourable feedback and it has evolved to what you see today complete with new colour sections. Selected back issues are available in pdf format by clicking the links below. The links will open in a new window. For the latest issues, please join our club

Autumn 2014 Issue 47  Vintage and Classic Autumn 2014 Issue 47              Winter 2014 Issue 48  Vintage and Classic Winter 2014 Issue 48

Spring 2014 Issue 45  Vintage and Classic Spring 2014 Issue 45               Summer 2014 Issue 46  Vintage and Classic Summer 2014 Issue 46

Autumn 2013 Issue 43  Vintage and Classic Autumn 2013 Issue 43             Winter 2013 Issue 44  Vintage and Classic Winter 2013 Issue 44

Spring 2013 Issue 41  Vintage and Classic Spring 2013 Issue 41               Summer 2013 Issue 42  Vintage and Classic Summer 2013 Issue 42

Autumn 2012 Issue 39  Vintage and Classic Autumn 2012 Issue 39             Winter 2012 Issue 40  Vintage and Classic Winter 2012 Issue 40

Spring 2012 Issue 37  Vintage and Classic Spring 2012 Issue 37             Summer 2012 Issue 38  Vintage and Classic Summer 2012 Issue 38

Winter 2011 Issue 35  Vintage and Classic Winter 2011 Issue 35             Autumn 2011 Issue 36  Vintage and Classic Autumn 2011 Issue 36

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